Recent events


8/27-9/1 Oral Presentation @IAPSO-IAMAS-IAGA 2017 Joint Assembly (Cape Town)

Outstanding Student Presentation Award!!! Yeah!!!! (JpGU - AGU Joint Meeting 2017)

6/29 大気海洋合同セミナーにて研究発表. がんばれ自分.

6/5-6/7 2017 CLIVAR International Symposium on Boundary Currents (Qingdao, China), Oral presentation. 本場の中華料理はおいしい.

5/20-5/24 JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017, 口頭発表.

3/13-14 Meeting on Perspectives in Computational Atmosphere and Ocean Science and 8th OFES International Workshop (Nagoya University), 口頭発表.

1/26 APL symposium (@the University of Tokyo)でポスター発表.

1/1 帰国後,溜まっていた事務仕事をしている間に2017年になる.


12/12 Poster presentation @ AGU Fall Meeting 2016. UC Berkeleyも訪問.


9/12 海洋学会@鹿児島大学で研究発表(メソ・サブメソセッションの座長も).

5/24 JpGU@幕張に参加.

3/14-18 海洋学会@本郷キャンパスに参加.

2/21-26 Ocean Sciences Meeting @ New Orleans (Poster Presentation)


12/7 Our new paper available: 'Interannual variability of South Equatorial Current bifurcation and western boundary currents along the Madagascar coast' Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans

11/30-12/4 IO50-NIO Symposium on Indian Ocean in Goa, India. (Poster presentation & Best Poster Award!!!!!!!!!)

9/27 Japanese Oceanographic Society Fall Meeting 2015 in Matsuyama. (Oral presentation)

9/3-9/4 Tropical Precipitation Systems Workshop 2015

8/29-8/30 Summer school 2015 (Oral presentation & overslept...)

6/22 Submitted a paper to JGR

5/26 JPGU@Makuhari (Oral presentation)

5/21 Yamagami and Tozuka (2014) has been published ('Interdecadal changes of the Indian Ocean subtropical dipole mode' Climate Dynamics )

3/24 Japanese Oceanographic Society Spring Meeting 2015 (Oral presentation & I could not attend my Master's graduation ceremony...)

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